3 Faculties

2 Schools

4650 Students

280 Faculty

The University of Cape Verde is the largest and most prestigious university in Cape Verde, bringing together thousands of students and hundreds of professors in a rich and dynamic academic community. In this section, you can find essential information about our institution, in particular about the Faculties and Schools and about our services.

University of Cape Verde

The University of Cape Verde is a center for teaching, science, and technology and for the creation, dissemination, and promotion of culture that articulates study and research in order to enhance human development, as a strategic factor for the country's sustainable development.

Colleges and Schools

The University of Cape Verde is dedicated to different areas of knowledge, currently being divided into three (3) Faculties and two (2) Higher Schools.


Specialized units providing technical and logistical support to the University's management and governing bodies and to the organic units in the performance of their function.

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