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Welcome! In this area you will find information about scientific research and how you can collaborate in research activities at Uni-CV.


Uni-CV Research is one of the 3 pillars that ensures procedures in the field of Scientific Research through a Research and Innovation Ecosystem based on 3 components: (Scientific, Technical and Technological). Scientific research acts and procedures are developed in conjunction with various internal and external entities, with a view to overall coherence, efficiency and effectiveness of UniCV's performance in fulfilling its mission. On the other hand, it has been adhering to research projects, which foster excellent partnerships between researchers and institutions, guided by international quality standards.

Strategic axes

Our research axes are aligned with global sustainable development and national research agendas, taking into account the scientific contribution to their social applicability in the face of concrete solutions, based on 10 Axes: E1 - Social, Human and Public Security Development; E2 - Industries, Infrastructure and Technological Innovation; E3 - Climate Change and Renewable Energies; E4 - Water Resources and Sustainable Environment; E5 - Educational Development and Sport; E6 - Marine Sciences and Naval Engineering; E7 - Food Security and Agriculture; E8 - Ecosystems and Biodiversity; E9 - Business and Governance; E10 - Biology and Health.

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