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Welcome! In this area you will find information about the university’s cooperation with other countries, as well as mobility processes, agreements and networks.

Welcome to Uni-CV

The Uni-CV is an institution with a strong international vocation, which is perfectly aligned with the diasporic nature of the Cape Verdean nation. The international cooperation of the Uni-CV is developed in two valences: a) intensification of partnerships with foreign institutions and increasing the participation of faculty, students and staff in international programs and projects, namely the European and African mobility programs focused on higher education, science and technology, but also taking advantage of partnership opportunities in other geographical areas; b) focus on the mobilization of the Cape Verdean diaspora and its participation in the life of the University.

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Cape Verde

The archipelago is located 320 nautical miles off the coast of Senegal and less than 4 hours flying time from America and Europe. The country has four international airports, established on the islands of Santiago, Sal, Boavista and São Vicente, which offer connections to Africa, America as well as major cities in Europe.

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